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Cook Forest Canoe Rental features Red Old Town Discovery Canoes. These canoes are renowned for their agile, stable, and easy to handle design. Our canoes glide easily over obstacles while providing a firm platform for your "Discovery" of new territory.

Located in the heart of Cook Forest State Park where the bridge crosses the Clarion River and in Clarington where the bridge crosses the river, we offer two distinct river adventures. The Clarion River is a beautiful National Wild and Scenic River, offering awe inspiring vistas at every turn as you wind down through a forest covered valley. Once called the Black Forest, the area is famous for its stand of old growth forest. Towering white pines and hemlocks form the Cook Forest "Forest Cathedral" a National Natural Landmark. Classed as a beginner's river under normal conditions, the river runs at a moderately fast pace and features still quiet pools and numerous riffles. The average depth is from 1 to 3 feet, and what it lacks in white water thrills is more than made up for in the wonderful diversity of wildlife and nature along its winding course.

At the bridges on Route 36 and Route 899 you will find the locations of Cook Forest Canoe Rentals. Each location has its own charm. Clarington Base is quiet and more pristine, less crowded and offers the chance of seeing more wildlife. Cook Forest Base is in the heart of the park, with stores, facilities and trails.

We are proud to bring the finest canoeing facilities to the area, and our sincere Welcome is extended to all who enjoy the outdoors.

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